Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hard-Hitting, Unconventional Diet Advice For Singers: A Guest Post by Vic Dorfman

In my own search for vocal health, I have experimented with quite a few dietary regimens.  Vic Dorfman at The Smart Singer contacted me a month ago and offered to present this article on Kashu-Do.  I find the article passionate, well-written, with a non-apologetic style which I find wonderful (I like it when people stand by their opinions).  I am not yet following this diet to the letter because of the difficulties presented by the last couple of months of travel (a bit more than usual).  I do find the premises logical and common-sensical.  Diets are very personal things and no doubt many will not agree!  I welcome you to read this article all the way through and feel free to post questions.  All questions presented with respect will be posted, so that Vic may get a chance to respond, as he promises to do at the end of the Article.  Thank you Vic!